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NRG Energy Center Phoenix

NRG Energy Center Phoenix provides energy-efficient and environmentally sound district energy and/or combined heat and power services to buildings in downtown Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz., and on the Arizona State University campus. The downtown Phoenix system started it all, beginning operation in 2001 by serving Bank One Ballpark, now called Chase Field.

With a reliability record of 99.9% since 2001, NRG Phoenix produces and distributes chilled water around the clock to customer buildings in the Phoenix central business district including the City of Phoenix, Chase Field, US Airways Center, Phoenix Convention Center, Arizona State University, Maricopa County, Sheraton Hotel, several biomedical research facilities and high-rise condominiums and office complexes. This system encompasses three main plants and two backup plants conditioning more than 12 million square feet of building space via four miles of chilled-water pipelines.

NRG Phoenix has demonstrated customer energy savings of approximately 13% after their connection to the downtown system. The company was recognized by the International District Energy Association as the 2008 “System of the Year” for its exemplary performance and service, and is a member of the Combined Heat and Power Partnership program operated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition, NRG Phoenix operates and maintains district energy/combined heat and power plants for Arizona State University that provide heating, cooling and electricity to the ASU distribution system that connects to 88 buildings on ASU’s Tempe campus and five buildings on the ASU Polytech campus in Mesa.

NRG Energy Center Phoenix is a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Thermal, an NRG Energy Inc. company.